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Our pay plan offers significant Up-Front commission for helping clients. We also allow you to earn long-term residual income. Lastly, you can refer others to be reps for FREE and earn Team commissions on the customers they refer. Scroll down to learn more…

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DAC has one of the most generous compensation plans in the industry. The best part? Your income is essentially limitless. You determine your success. We have significant up front income available and long-term monthly residual (repeating) income.

Dynamic Compensation

Here’s where things get interesting. No other company offers you as many different ways to earn money. We call it “dynamic compensation.” You’ll just call it “wow.” It’s all about giving you more – we’re talking up to 10 different ways to grow your rewards – as part of the DAC Services lifestyle.

Personal Commissions

You earn personal commissions on every service client you acquire. In some cases you can receive large up front commissions, simply by attracting business clients to use our services. You can also earn personal commissions month over month for the life of your customers allowing you to create a long-lasting monthly residual (repeating) income.

Up Front Service Commissions

On certain services, you will be paid a larger up front commission designed to allow you a pathway to immediate income from client acquisition alone. These services are primarily for business customers and allow a significant return on your time invested.

Residual Monthly Service Commissions

Many of our services provide you with a personal commission each month on the monthly subscription usage of your customer for as long as they stay subscribed to it. This allows you to accumulate customers and income over time and to have an expected minimum level of residual monthly income.

Team Commissions

We allow you to take advantage of the success principle of “Other People’s Efforts”. How? If you chose to recruit and support a team of other service distributors, you can earn on all of the clients they acquire too. The better a team leader you are, the more you can earn.

Up Front Team Commissions

On certain services, you will be paid a larger up front commission on the customers acquired by your team. These services are primarily targeted to business customers.

Residual Monthly Team Commissions

Many of our services provide you with commissions on the customers acquired by your team, Not just when acquired, but month over month for as long as they stay subscribed. This allows you to build compensation for building a supporting a team of successful customer gatherers.

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