The timing and excitement of a ground-floor opportunity with the safety of an established company.

We Are DAC Services.

We are a new division of an already successful, well-established direct sales company.

It all began in 2015 when our founder, David Rutz, learned of Alternative Business Capital.  He knew that most business owners were unaware of the working capital now available to them.  He knew that the big banks have to say “no" most of the time.  But with alternative capital, a business owner would hear “yes” most often and be fueled to grow more, or maybe rescued out of a tight pinch.  David wanted to get the word out.

David has a track record of successfully launching and leading direct selling service companies.  He knew there were millions of business owners who would benefit from alternative capital, and he saw the huge potential of providing an agent opportunity offering large up-front incomes for helping business owners.  He also knew the power of networking and saw how by combining large up front incomes, a FREE enrollment,  and the opportunity to also build a team, would help many agents and serve many business owners.

David brings to DAC valuable experiences, as well as a high-passion for helping individuals succeed in their own home-based business.

In addition to offering DAC’s small business funding, DAC has recently expanded into other business and home services - all aimed at bettering a business or consumers situation.

We believe we can make a major impact in people’s lifestyles by offering a FREE income opportunity for anyone, regardless of where they come from or what experience they have, to achieve success with us.

As David Rutz said, “Many want the upside potential of business ownership, but cannot afford to start a company or cannot quit their jobs to build a new business. We deliver all the upside potential benefits of business ownership without any of the barriers to entry and without having to quit your job”.

We are FREE to start, and we encourage everyone start part-time, retaining their current job and income.

We simply offer a savings on services people are already using in their home, or introduce new services or funding to help their business. We believe in providing great services at the best prices, and in taking care of our customers with amazing customer service. When we do that, customers stay with us long-term and our agents earn month after month.

We provide our agents with a compensation plan offering both large up-front client bonuses, as well as long-term monthly residual income for the life of the customer. We even offer our agents the ability to recruit and build their own team and earn on their team’s production.

We provide training, tools, and support so a new agent does not have to guess their way to success.

Our vision is simple: Serve Clients.  Build Giants.

If this feels right to you, we would love to have you as a part of our team.